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Apple quickly crippled the ability to make Group FaceTime calls as it scrambles to patch the bug, but the damage will no doubt have long-lasting effects not immediately felt. As much as Apple's trumpeted how much it values and prioritizes privacy — the company even went so far as to throw shade at the entire tech industry's weak stance on the matter with a massive, prominently-placed billboard at CES a tech show it doesn't have any official presence at — even it's not impervious to slip-ups.

Cyber tools such as Karma are nothing new and though their discoveries can be surprising and alarmist, it's important to remember no device or platform is or will ever be airtight safe.

Previously discovered hacking tools like GrayKey allowed law enforcement to snoop on iPhones. Apple has patched all security exploits that have been made public.

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While iPhones are still far more secure than Android phones, it's becoming clearer every time stories on tools such as Karma surface that the cat and mouse game between device makers and hackers will be a never-ending one. Moreover, software exploits may become easier for larger companies like Apple to miss as the number of active devices grows. Oversight is always a possibility and it's not going to become any easier now that Apple's got over million iPhones out in the wild to consider when developing software updates.

The best way to combat potential hacking is to make sure your device iPhone or not is updated to the latest software version. New updates typically include security patches that close vulnerabilities.

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Device performance and stability for Android devices depends on its specific maker, but at least for iPhones, compatible devices need not worry about the latest iOS 12 slowing them down. As our editors Chris Taylor and Stan Schroeder discovered , iOS 12 gave their iPhone and iPads new life by making them faster thanks to several built-in chipset optimizations.

So get updating if you've been putting it off. It's the best defense anyone can all take. That, or don't use any internet-connected device. We're using cookies to improve your experience.