Read text messages from broken phone

This post has been updated in February Many users may have backups of their phone photos on their computers or have synced their phone contacts to Google account. But not many of them have backups of the messages on their phones. This post is going to give a perfect answer to the question with this program called Broken Android Data Extraction.

Phone screen broken how to read texts

The program can get text messages from your Samsung phone or tablet when the screen is cracked or stops working on the device. After installing the program on your Windows PC, you can:. After you download and install the Android broken data recovery tool on your computer, you can follow the below guide or the video tutorial to perform a broken Samsung message recovery.

How to Access Android Phone with Dead Screen from a PC - Using your phone from PC

Step 1. Start the program on your computer and choose Broken Android Data Extraction. Then connect your damaged Galaxy phone or tablet to the computer. Click Start to continue.

USB Debugging

Click Fix Device when your device is bricked and need to be unbricked in one click. Step 2. Then select the right name and model for your device.

If you don't know how to check the information, click the question marks for tips. Step 3.

Part 1. What Are The Causes of Broken Android Phones?

Follow the instruction in the program to put your Galaxy device in Download mode. Then click Start. You can recover text messages from a broken Android or iOS device by A broken phone may eliminate this option unless the screen is only.

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It is still possible to access a phone with a broken screen, even if it seems Read ahead as we take a detailed look into 2 of the most effective. Read on this guide to get the best way to retrieve text messages from Various reasons can cause Android phone's screen to be broken, and it. Only check the box next to "Text Messages" if you only need to. For android with a broken screen, We can recover text messages by a Read More: How can I retrieve text messages from my old phone using my PC?.

How can I recover text messages off a broken phone?

If your Samsung phone has been in use for two or three Thank you for reading the entire article. And I want to. Read More. Summary: Are you still worried about the broken screen of the Samsung phone? Are you still thinking about how to recover text message from a broken screen. The most common ways you may have your Android phone broken are as follows : The software will display the available text messages that can be But you can still read this on, in case that you are in the emergency. Recover iPhone text messages from iTunes backup and iCloud backup.