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How to record phone calls on Android 9 Pie.

The former two have optical image stabilization as well. The front camera is different, though. Next is the Nokia 9 PureView , which features a whopping five-camera system on the back.

The front has a megapixel selfie camera. Finally, we have the iPhone XS Max. Both have OIS. This is not a scientific test. Each of these phone cameras also has a different focal length, so some images may not look like they line up exactly, even if they were all taken from the same spot. I do try to look at these images as objectively as possible, however, and used a color-calibrated monitor to ensure I judged them in the best viewing conditions.

Some quick notes: These photos were captured around two weeks ago, and OnePlus has issued a camera update since then. The camera has improved, so just factor that in while viewing the images.

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The Nokia 9 PureView is also a phone meant for photographers and tinkerers. We had to limit the number of devices, though, so we had to make some sacrifices.

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Keep an eye on this page to see upcoming camera shootouts! Now, onto the test! The iPhone XS Max photo has better white balance, and looks the most natural. The Nokia 9 pops out with a beautiful-looking Vessel, but I prefer the sky on the iPhone photo. The Pixel 3a XL does a fine job with excellent white balance and the right colors.

That award goes to the Galaxy S10 Plus. The Vessel is shiny and stands out — a stark contrast to the moody and dark Vessel in the Pixel 3a photo. Onto the next one. Let me preface by saying I have no idea what happened to the iPhone photo. The Huawei photo is slightly overexposed, and it lacks contrast; the sky is muted. The same applies to the OnePlus 7 Pro photo. The building on the right is also a little too dim. It comes down to the Nokia 9 and the Galaxy S10 Plus. Swap to the Galaxy S10 Plus photo, though, and the colors pop.

I wanted to highlight the yellow on the bike, and the Galaxy S10 Plus nails it. I like this collection of images because the results are quite varied. What I was trying to capture was the neon signs of the theater, while still trying to keep the rest of the image well exposed. The latter image is a little flat, lacking contrast and definition.

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The Huawei photo has plenty of that, though it also has a reddish tinge throughout. This is my favorite scene in this entire comparison.

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I love all things neon, which is what drew me to capture this burger joint in Times Square. The Burgers sign on the Huawei photo is strangely wavy, but the rest of the image looks great. Largely because the Huawei photo goes too aggressive with the white balance, and the building loses a bit of character. The Pixel 3a photo retains it, is a smidgen sharper, and it does a great job of maintaining the yellow color of the indoor lights you see through the glass windows.

Near the public library is Bryant Park, which is filled with trees and plants. In the dark, this can be tricky for most phones, but the results across the board are admirable. This, however, is where editing the RAW image will help boost brightness. As we go into the dark, several phones have dedicated night modes that are designed to produce better low-light photos.

The OnePlus 7 Pro had issues, to put it lightly. That narrows it down to the Huawei and Google phones, and for me the pick is easy. Yes, the Huawei P30 Pro photo is brighter overall, but it also looks highly-processed and over-sharpened. The Pixel 3a does just as good of a job, however, while looking natural. The results are solid across the board, though colors seem to suffer the most. The Nokia 9 also overexposes the Empire State building, and the iPhone photo is a little blurry.

The winner? The OnePlus 7 Pro. It also has excellent white balance if you look at the plate. The Huawei P30 Pro does a solid job, too, but the photo has a reddish hue overall. The Nokia 9 image is sharp, but the colors are muted, and the result looks unappetizing. Take almost everything I said in the previous example, and apply it here.

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