A cheating wife

You need to develop a plan for personal and marital recovery based on your marriage and your relationship with your wife. Take care of your emotional and physical needs. Lean on your support system, talk to a therapist, do what you need to do to keep your emotions from causing you illness. Eat a balanced diet so the stress of your situation does not interfere with optimum physical well-being. Exercise regularly, nothing alleviates stress and staves off depression like a regular work-out routine.

Unmistakable Signs of a Cheating Wife That Every Man Must Know

Whether or not you want a divorce , it is in your best interest to consult with a divorce attorney if your wife is cheating. Confront your wife about her betrayal.

They come home later

It is important to have proof of the infidelity and all your ducks in a row. Make the decision whether to stay in the marriage or file for a divorce. If your wife refuses to give up the affair, you have two choices. If it is obvious that the relationship cannot be repaired and the betrayed spouse has no interest in attempting to do so then why hang around? Remaining in a relationship for revenge is not only immature but is unhealthy. Instead, try to concentrate on how to make your life better.

Remember: The best revenge is living well. This is unacceptable in any relationship and definitely a reason to leave a cheating spouse. They'll be angry and hurt. Their trust will be broken. Part of the healing process is needing to ask all the questions that are necessary for them to understand why the betrayal happened. The person who cheated should answer all these questions.

Dating & Marriage Advice : How to Catch Your Wife Cheating

If they can't or won't, walk away. Sometimes it's hard to see things objectively, so take their advice into serious consideration. If he cared so little about your health and wellbeing that he'd give you a potentially life-threatening disease, he's not worth taking back. Living together isn't the same as being married.

When you're living together, even though you may feel like you're in a committed relationship, there wasn't a moment of clarity when he knew you were 'the one' and stood up in front of the world and declared that he loved you more than anyone else. A man will live with, be in a relationship with, and have sex with a woman he knows isn't 'the one' but will still keep looking and sleeping around. My advice to you is to move on.

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Even though he may have cheated because he was unhappy and unfulfilled, it's an extra layer of deception he knew would hurt you even more. Plus, you'll still have to see their affair partner on a regular basis. They're missing the fact that there is a weak spot somewhere in their self-control and that their defense of your relationship together is lacking.

Physical Signs Your Wife Is Cheating

Until they fix the underlying issue that lead them to cheat and take concrete steps to prevent further problems, they are vulnerable to repeating their mistake. This is just a terrible excuse — you won't be able to trust your partner while they're out, even if they're just going out with friends.

Once alcohol is involved, your partner has shown that they will completely disregard your feelings. When cheating spouses start to point the finger at you or someone else as a reason for choosing to cheat, then this is a sign that they have not accepted full responsibility for their actions. Also, be sure your spouse is truly remorseful before you agree to counseling and try to reconcile the marriage. When cheating spouses are unable to recognize the pain they have caused, they also will struggle to connect with you honestly and emotionally.

Healing can only begin when you are able to see that your spouse truly understands the depth of your pain and that they caused it. No one can tell you what to do when your spouse has cheated. Only you will know what is the right choice for your situation. It's also a good idea to get input and counseling before moving forward, regardless of the direction you take. Talk to a counselor or a religious leader to help you make the choice that is right for you.

Learn the best ways to manage stress and negativity in your life.

More in Relationships. Is this the first time your spouse cheated on you? Does your spouse recognize the cheating as a problem? Has your spouse accepted responsibility for being unfaithful? Has your spouse apologized? Do you believe your spouse is remorseful and truly regrets being unfaithful?

9 Things to Do If Your Wife is Cheating

Have all ties with the affair partner been severed? If the person is someone your spouse works with, have you discussed how your spouse can keep the relationship on a business-only basis? Do you think you and your spouse can have a successful, joyful, long-lasting marriage? Do you think you can ever trust your spouse again?

Unmistakable Signs of a Cheating Wife That Every Man Must Know

Do you think your marriage is worth saving? Do you think your spouse's unfaithfulness will forever haunt your mind and heart? Are you considering retaliating or getting revenge? Will your family and friends support efforts to reconcile or will they impede the process? Are you both willing to work on your marriage and learn how to resolve the underlying issues?

Your spouse had an affair with an ex-partner. The affair was full-fledged and long-term. Your spouse shows no remorse or does not apologize.

She may not be cheating but, what if she is?

The cheating occurred early in the relationship. The cheating is serial or a pattern of behavior. Your spouse is abusive or controlling.

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